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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

1945 Vintage Gibson ES-300

images via this auction

"You are looking at a very rare 1945 Black Gibson ES-300. Only a few of these are noted in the Gibson book. You will also find it noted in Gruhns Guide pg. 193 under ES-300. This guitar is in remarkable condition. Very nice neck, a few nicks and scratches. Bindings are all in great condition. No wear on the neck. Serial #98610. Tuners work. Light checking all over. you can see in some of the pictures.

Original knobs have been changed but can easily be returned to original as well as the neck plate cover. Also, the front pickguard has come loose(picture below). Its an old Les Paul cover, at least it is an old Les Paul not some cheap knock off. George Gruhns description is listed below."

"Description: Serial number 98610. This guitar has black finish which was not standard catalog specification of the model although Gibson`s records indicates that a few were produced with black finish and a P-90 pickup late in the year 1945. The tone and Volume knobs appear to be replacements since they are old pointer style rather than the typical round knobs used by Gibson. The Guitar otherwise appears to be fully original and in excellent condition. With the exceptions noted the guitar conforms to the typical specifications of the model for the period in which it was made with 17 inch wide full depth non cutaway body, Brazillian Rosewood fingerboard with White binding and double parallelogram inlays, pearl script "Gibson" peghead logo, one P-90 pickup in the rhythm position (this is a very early style P-90 with no adjustable poles), Brazillian rosewood adjustable bridge and trapeze tailpiece. This is a model which would be of interest to collectors as well as musicians.....George Gruhn."

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