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Sunday, September 23, 2007

1960 Gibson Les Paul

images via this auction

"The two pots I could date both read 1959, 36th week, judging by the neck profile it is a 1960, it is not as thick and chunky as the 1959 profile, but not as slim as the 1961 profile necks. It has a 5 digit inked on serial #, with the first digit being 0 followed by a space and the remaining 4 digits. It has one spot of case wear visible on the upper bass horn, neck wear on the back, has been refretted and has the last dot replaced on the neck, don’t ask me why, all the other dots look fine. Has some light worming on the back, but not through the wood. Harness and pickups are all original with untouched solder joints."

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