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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1961 Fender Stratocaster-Fiesta Red

images via this auction

"The Old Fiesta Red Refinish looks fantastic!!, and incredibly authentic. The finish is nice and thin, with a thin layer of a primer visable in spots. Lacquer checking and natural wear give it a real vintage appearance. The Guitar is a light-weight 7.4lbs. The Pencil Date is partialy visable. The Neck is a Beautiful Brazilian Rosewood with clay dot markers. Measures 1 5/8'' at the nut, with a medium ''C'' shape. The Tuners are original single-line klusons. The decal is a replacement, and has overspray. The neck pocket is nice tight fit. Origional Nitro-green Pickguard and original shield Original black-bottom pickups (All read strong on the multimeter) 5-way switch (Original 60's 3-way switch included)Pots are old 250k, and solder looks original. just no dates. Original bridge Pat.pend saddles, Original block+plate. ORIGINAL Springs and claw Original brown tolex case with manual, ashtray, back-tremelo cover and tremelo arm."

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