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Saturday, September 15, 2007


images via this auction

" It is a 1965 CANDY APPLE RED beauty. The serial# is L 76902 . The neck date is 6/65 B. The original pickguard is clean with light pick marks. The potentiometers are all marked "250k audio 304-6516". The pickups are all dated "6/22/65". There have NEVER been any solder breaks to the harness and of course, it still has its original 3 way switch. All the electronics function properly. The tremelo is clean (I do not have the original trem bar, however I do have the original bridge "ashtray").The neck is in near mint condition with very light fret wear. The finish on the back of the neck is superb (see pictures). The original candy apple finish is nice. It does have 5 or 6 nicks, in the finish, on the edge of the body and one small nick just above the backplate. It also has a number of slight indentations scattered the body and the modest buckle marks on the back, NONE through the finish. There is really NO finish checking and the body still retains it's beautiful GLOSS! The original backplate has a small chip off at the top right screw hole. The story on this guitar is that it was bought for a lady by her father, new in 1965. She took lessons for a couple of years and then put it under the bed until 2 months ago! By the way it comes in a brown 1963 Fender case (in nice condition), that she said," is what the music store gave her when it was purchased". I've seen 2 candy apple strats recently (one on Ebay) that weren't even in the same "ballpark" condition wise as this one. If your looking for an investment grade, custom colored, Pre-CBS, stratocaster this should get serious consideration."

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