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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

CF Martin Vintage Parlor Guitar

images via this auction

"This guitar features Y-bracing inside the body, which according to the CF Martin website, dates it between 1835 and 1850. In 1850 Martin switched to X-bracing. It has been identified as a Martin style 2 ½-17. It has C.F. Martin New York logo stamped inside the body which coincides with its early models. Beginning in 1867 the stamped logo’s read C.F. Martin & Co. New York. It has a very small body size, 12 fret slot head neck, unbound ebony fingerboard with no inlays, pyramid end ebony bridge, Jerome brand tuners, and Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. It has wood bindings around the top edge of the body, no back bindings, half herringbone trim around the sound hole, ivory nut and bridge saddle, three-piece black painted neck with grafted “ice cream cone” heel shape and grafted peg head, and clear French polish finish. The wood “coffin” case is in good condition and is the correct original style.

The bridge of the guitar is loose, one of the bridge pins is missing its pearl center dot, and one pin has been replaced with a handmade substitute. In addition, the 13th fret is missing. We have been told by an appraiser these items are relatively easy to repair/replace. There is a crack in the side which is very common on instruments of this age, and we have been told it would not be a difficult repair for a skilled restorer. The instrument has no strings. The original “cat gut” strings are long gone."

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