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Saturday, September 29, 2007


images via this auction

" Rickenbacker 365 double bound OS(old style) guitar. Serial # EB xxx which dates this to 1965. These guitars are rare anyway, but this one is very special. First, it is a custom color, autumnglo. I've never seen an autumnglo 60's ric, and this one is all original. Black light perfectly, and check out the control cavity. The finish is blended into the cavity just like it should. If you look closely, "365 square" is written in the control cavity. Square indicates a neck with a sqaure heel, which is unusual for '65, but not here. Plus, the neck has a very unique neck carve which is thinner on the treble side, very similar to the "Eddie VanHalen" signature guitars. To accomodate lesser wood on the treble side of the neck, the treble side truss rod is moved closer to the midline, making this totally legit. The neck is super comfy, and the action is perfect. The neck angle is perfect, and there is plenty of life on the frets. 1965 was a unique year for Ric and they did a lot of unusual things. Maybe this was a custom order for a high level client, who knows for sure. This guitar is in near mint condition and is all original. Original silver case with blue plush lining. These double bound rics are very desirable and collectable. Generic fireglo versions are going for 10K these days. This one will be more."

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