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Saturday, September 22, 2007


images via this auction

"Vintage 1962 Jazz Bass. This has the original custom color finish. It is a Salmon Pink but was most likely Fiesta Red. Please read the following:

Colors that were not effected much from the yellowing clear coat are the reds (in the 1960’s these colors are often not clear coated anyway). Unfortunately, these colors are highly reactive to sunlight (photo reactive). This could help explain the "Coral Pink" or "Salmon Pink" syndrome. Looking at Fender's custom color charts from 1960 to present, you can see Fender *never* had a color called "Coral Pink" or "Salmon Pink". The only official pink Fender used was Shell Pink from 1960 to 1963, which is a very flesh-toned pink color. The "Coral Pink" and "Salmon Pink" guitars are probably Fiesta Red in which the red pigment may had faded. Since Fiesta Red has a large amount of white in it, if the red fades the white would bleed through thus creating a pink. More likely though, and what many don’t understand, original Fiesta Red is not really that red. From the can it’s a pinkish, (light) orange hue. Every "Coral Pink" or "Salmon Pink" Fender I've seen from the late 1950's and later was actually Fiesta Red. I'm not saying "Coral Pink" doesn't exist. Perhaps it was a true custom ordered finish, not from the offered Fender custom color chart. Just people hear "red" in the name "Fiesta Red" and expect a fire truck-type color. If you want a fire truck, look for Dakota Red, not Fiesta Red.

This bass sounds and plays amazing. The weight is right at 7 lbs. The only thing not original is the pickguard, the original desintegrated. There are a couple of issues. The body was routed beneath the pickguard apparently to accomodate another pickup. This is only visible with the pickguard removed. The other issue is there is a screw hole on the neck heel where there was a strap button. Other than that, the bass is all original. This bass has a very rare original custom color finish. Included are the original case, pickup and bridge covers, finger-rest and string mutes."

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