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Thursday, October 25, 2007

1957 Fender TELECASTER

images via this auction

"This super cool Tele was restored and refinished over 20 years ago. Originally a white blonde, I believe the body was refinished to a blonde/natural finish which has aged nicely to give a very authentic early 50’s Broadcaster vibe. In fact this guitar looks amazingly similar to the Broadcaster on page 14-15 of the Blackguard book or Bruce Springsteen’s late 50s refin (p. 279).

At one time the neck pickup position was routed for a humbucker but was restored back to the original style route (see picture).

The bridge, hardware and tuners appear original. The pickups are not original, they are Fender Custom Shop Nocaster pickups. the pots are not original. pickguard not original.

The neck doesn‘t appear to be completely refinished. You can see some overspray on the underside of the neck near the nut. But the finish on the neck is great on this guitar. It has the amber/orangey color and authentic fingerboard wear that you can only get with an old nitro finish. Even Fender’s best Master builders can’t get this look on a new relic’ed guitar. Also when you get close, you can see the fine finish checking that adds to the heavy vibe of this guitar.

I’ve also been told it’s a ‘56 but the body date underneath the bridge appears to read 4-57. The serial number on the neck plate is 15279 which dates to 56-57. The neck date is impossible to read, you can see the markings but you can’t make it out.

This guitar has a fat early 50’s Tele tone and plays like dream."

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