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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom

images via this auction

"Beautiful example of 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Above Average condition for the age of the instrument. Non-original Bigsby tailpiece, but tailpiece is period (late 50's). Jack plate has been replaced. Original pickups, tuners, switch (although selector switch tip is possibly not original but definitely period). Knobs are all original. Volume and Tone pots are replaced but period. Capacitors are all original. Case is not original, but definitely period (late 50's early 60's). Appraised value $35,000. In all original condition they said it would be worth upwards of $45,000. The reserve is thousands less than the appraised value.

This is the value that the folks at Gryphon placed on the guitar. When asked what they would sell the guitar for if it were in their shop, they replied $35,000 firm."

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