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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

1969 Gibson Les Paul

images via this auction

"stupidly clean "time-capsule" early 1969 LP Custom with original hang tags,price list and original near mint rectangular case...yikes!! This guitar has NO VOLUTE, no "made in USA" stamp.... It has '68 fact the ONLY difference between this and a '68 model is the fact that this one has a 3-piece neck whereas a '68 has a 1-piece. This guitar is 100% original, no excuses whatsoever...Gruhn guitars has blacklighted it....there are no breaks,repairs or overspray of any kind. It still sports the original nylon bridge saddles and the original "fretless wonder" frets. Serial number 565952. There is a bit of tarnishing on the gold hardware but this baby s WAY clean as you can see in the pics. The neck profile is wide, but a bit shallow in depth, so if you like a big chunky ballbat neck stay away from this one. The weight on my digital scale is precisely 10 pounds even...pretty good weight for an LP of this era. The tone is killer, really nice midrangey plays very well, neck is straight and trussrod works perfect."

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