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Friday, October 5, 2007

30s Vintage Gretsch 17" Catseye Guitar Lightbulb

image via this auction

"Vintage Gretsch 1930's Catseye Guitar. This is a solid, Vintage Pre-war Gretsch that plays and sounds very nice.----- 17" WIDE BODY -- Virtuall UNSEEN split inlays all down neck, The darn parts even look mint -- No corrosion or abous, This guitar sat idle. ---- Drop dead amazing Deco Lightbulb headstock --- Great neck, Tight binding - No deterioration. From my personal collection of the worlds rareset vintage gretsch guitars. THIS WAS OWNED by Jay Scott, Author of GRETSCH book many years ago.-- Whats very unusual about this model, is NO A-symmetrical TO THE NECK LIKE SO MANY of these necks were, THIS IS A VINTAGE CATSEYE Witha regular SYMETRICAL neck --- This is unheard of for this era. ---Positively Stock RARE Symetrical neck contour, Not a sanded or reduced neck, ORIGINAL CONTOUR. Its thin, playable and unusually comfortable contour to play... Many of these are known for more bulky necks, Not this Guitrar. Playable, Thin, and 70ish years old. Nice finish, great deep black tones and lively sunburst finish"

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