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Friday, October 26, 2007

Fender Cocaine - 2.5 Million Euros 3,6 Million US

More images here. Google translated from here:
He arrived from Costa Rica in Fiumicino with its "inseparable" electric guitar strap. But the weight of the instrument has a suspicious fire marshal of yellow, even with his passion for music. Maneggiando the tool with knobs saw white powder out of that, subject to the narcotest reagents, was cocaine. From there she taken a more accurate verification and hand luggage of young M.F., while still in his thirties, a native and resident of Perugia for work in Costa Rica, the flames were 10 yellow plastic glasses thermos type, within a colored liquid that was dissolved cocaine. The chemical analysis performed in a specialized laboratory for the extraction of the drug, showed that the man had with him a total of 3 kg of pure cocaine, for a market value of more than 2.5 million euros destined to the market of provinces Perugia and Rome. For the young are taken handcuffed and now is in prison Capitoline "Regina Coeli", waiting to be tried for international trafficking in narcotics. ("

via Music Thing where you will find more gear used in creative smuggling.

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