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Monday, October 29, 2007

Fender Telecaster 1956

images via this auction

"I am told I was the first to turn any screws on this guitar... I can believe it with the way it came apart on my inspection. While the guitar has seen some use, it has been lovingly cared for by it's original owner and not a thing is changed on the guitar with the exception of a pinstripe paint job on the front, done in 1957. I have very successfully removed the pinstripes from the guitar and the pickguard. There is very light evidence that the paint was there, some of the areas under it are now lighter than the surrounding finish. There is a touch of blue paint left in the checking marks of the finish here and there, but from a step back you can barely tell. The pickguard cleaned up very well and shows only a small variance in aging to the guard where the stripes were. Over time much of the evidence of the former pinstripe job will fade away.

The pickup readings are 5.93 and 6.80. The serial number is 092**. It weighs 7 pounds 6 ounces. Not a solder joint has been changed, teh original electronic setup is in tact - most mid 50's teles will have the electronics updated which significantly affects the collector value.

The neck date is XA-4-56. As an early 1956 model it has the earlier round string tree and the logo closer to the nut, this was changed by Fender in mid 1956. It has the big C shaped neck of a 1955, not the V neck like a mid 56 to 1956 guitar. It has a Top Hat switch tip as it should, round steel saddles, single-line Kluson tuners, a staggered pole bridge pickup and the white 5 screw pickguard."

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