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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Höfner model 172

via Reinier from The Netherlands:

"Hofner is a german instrument builder best known for their excellent archtops. In the 1960's American guitars were way too expensive for your average Joe, but the demand for solidbodies was big, due to the British invasion. This is where companies like Hofner, Egmond and Eko (Italian company) jumped in with affordable instruments.
This guitar comes in a wonderful fire engine red and appears to be all original.
It doesn't have the refinement of its american counterparts but it's well built and has a very nice twangy character.

Attached also you 'll find a picture of the guitar as well as the Hofner 1964 lineup" Click the images above for the full size shots. Thanks Reinier!

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Per said...

Old post but I need to comment :) I have a Höfner 176 , second from the right, still in really good shape. Great guitar, good jazztone maybe a bit too lightweight.