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Monday, November 19, 2007

1952 MARTIN D18

images via this auction

"This Martin D 18 dates back to 1952, ( yes, makes it 56 years old) and it's a shaded top, very unusual...particularly rare on a Martin. This one is a beauty. Much has been said, written and heard about 50's Martins, this shaded top D 18 lives up to the reputation, this is a very serious piece of work, much loved and much played as you will see."

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Kenneth Cooke said...

Do you mean sunburst not shaded. There seems to be one or two sunburst Martins appearing these days albeit I personally would opt for a Gibson Southern Jumbo if I was in the market for a sunburst guitar, possibly one of the Montana Factory specials. I bought a brand new beautiful Martin D35 this weekend. Nowadays new Martins are so good compared with 80's Martins. This can be verified by the number of top performers who are playing brand new signature models and putting thier vintage guitars into safe storage. Joan Baez and Eric Clapton are two recent examples