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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


images via this auction

"1955 Gibson L-5CES (serial no. A 21131; FON: W 895 2 – see photo) with original double alnico pickups, original parts, original sunburst finish and original case. The original pickguard has begun to deteriorate and has been kept separate from the instrument as not to affect its metal parts. Original Sealfast tuners, original Vari-Tone tailpiece, original frets (in very good condition), original no-wire gold ABR-1 bridge and rosewood bridge base, original alnico pu’s, original toggle switch tip, original truss rod cover, original finish, original nut, original 4 knobs and pointers, original Lifton case with Lifton case badge is in excellent condition inside and out; it’s ALL ORIGINAL!!! A small rectangular plastic jack plate has been added to reinforce to original jack (see photo). Bubble maple on the back and flamed maple on sides and neck. The finish is all original with no overspray or touch up and retains most of its original color. No breaks, cracks or repairs other than the added jack plate. The price of these vintage Gibson archtops is moving up fast; VG Price Guide for a 1955 L-5CES in sunburst finish in 2003: $12,500; 2005: $16,000; 2007: $20,000. 2008: ???"

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