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Monday, November 19, 2007

1956 Gibson Les Paul Jr

images via this auction

"Here is a vintage 1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior. The guitar is serial number 613070. This guitar is a total player. It shows plenty of scratches, dents and finish checking, but it does not have any breaks or repairs. The finish has been buffed out to a gloss, so not much original patina remains on it, though it smells like an antique. The tailpiece is changed (studs original), the jackplate is changed, and the truss rod cover is new. The tuners were off at one point and the holes were widened. An old set of tuners is back on the guitar with new grommets, and the tuners may have been re-buttoned. The strap pins were off at some point, as you can see where others used to be installed. Everything else seems to check out just fine, including the electronics. The frets are in good condition with no grooves. The truss rod works, and the guitar plays clean up and down the entire neck. This one is 6.8 lbs. It has a loud sound acoustically that is very warm and woody with nice clarity. The pickup isn't quite the hottest we've heard, but it still has a nice bite. Overall, this is an excellent playing guitar. It ships in a 70s Les Paul case."

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