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Sunday, November 11, 2007

1959 GIBSON ES 335

images via this auction

"amazingly rare original 1959 vintage blonde GIBSON ES 335. There were only 71 made that year! Very few were made with a stoptail piece. This one was originally equipped with a stoptail piece, but a previous owner had a bigsby installed at one time. It was removed, and the holes were professionally filled. The bottom of the guitar does not show the hole for the ground wire which a bigsby requires, so it was definetely an original stoptail equipped ES 335. The guitar is very light weight and resonant when played acoustically. The pickups have the most amazing PAF tone I have ever heard. They make the guitar almost sound like a Burst, or even better. The original PAFs are very balanced and even sounding. They are incredibly responsive, and have that typical airy tone of a good 1950s PAF. Add that sweet open 335 voice and you are in GIBSON heaven"

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