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Saturday, November 24, 2007

1962 Fender Telecaster pre-CBS

images via this auction

"This gorgeous, original vintage 1962 slab board Fender Telecaster is the real thing, a 45-year-old pre-CBS tone monster with a two-piece swamp ash body that weighs a mere 6 lbs 9 oz (yes, REALLY!), and it’s all there other than a great professional body-only refin back to its original see-through blonde... This Telecaster has a neck date of 1-61 which is still clear and intact, serial number 72xxx, strong original pickups with readings of approximately 7.26k bridge and 7.19k neck, no overspray or refinishing on neck or headstock, strong and clear and undamaged original decal, AMAZING Brazillian rosewood slab board with little wear at all (no divots or chips) and original clay dots, original switch and pots that are both coded 304 6107, and really everything else original that I can discern other than the body refinish and some recent work done for me by noted guitar tech Dan Erlewine to put it into the best possible playing condition. It is even still wired for the pre-1967 switching configuration that gives you 1) (toward neck) neck pickup with capacitor for bassy sound, 2) standard neck pickup sound with bass control, 3) bridge pickup. Of course some of the solder would have been broken and resoldered for the refinishing work, though. Original screws and hardware etc etc as far as I (or ANYONE who has seen it) can tell, and original scratchplate, which has some unusual scuffing – I think the previous owner played it for 35 years with a thumb pick. Does have one little hole remaining from a removed second string tree. It sounds strong, gutsy, twangy, hugely resonant and vibrant… adjectives are pointless. Has the somewhat slimmer early ‘60s neck profile, but not a totally skinny C – somewhat rounded, very comfortable. Add it up: it’s a GREAT, featherweight vintage slab board Tele with stunning original pickups and everything that matters, so what else would you expect!"

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