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Thursday, November 8, 2007

1966 Johnny Smith Gibson and Emard Amp

images via this auction

"Johnny Smith Gibson guitar serial number 849xxx with the Johnny Smith model Emrad Amplifier which was made in Colorado. The amp is the Emrad Johnny Smith model J.S.II with a 15 inch JBL D103F. The Emrad amps are Solid State

In a January 1982 Guitar Player magazine Johnny Smith talks about the Emrad amp and how he had a model designed which he endorsed and so the J. S. in the model number. Also "Mel Bay's" book "Interviews with the Jazz Greats" Has a 1996 interview with J.S. in which he mentions his preference for the Emrad. A preview of the Mel Bay Book can be found on line an you can check page 62. Another Colorado Springs legend, " Sugar Loaf", (Green eyed Lady), endorsed the Emrad amps."

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