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Thursday, November 22, 2007

60'S Custom Danelectro Longhorn Bass

images via this auction

Note the following is the description of the auction. It is NOT me. I just thought it was an interesting bit of history behind this bass guitar.

"I bought this bass in 1969--i was playing in a san francisco bay area band called "the venus flytrap"-we were fairly popular in the bay area at the time & opened for acts like santana-cold blood-the chocolate watchband-the people-the 13th floor elevators-it's beautiful day & many more i can't recall at the moment :-)-if you do a search online for "grateful dead family" you'll find a couple of paragraphs about the venus flytrap--although we were more closely related to the jefferson airplane since some of our members were friends of jorma & jack & our singer had come from "the great society"-she had replaced grace in that band & came to the flytrap when the great society broke up--but somehow we got archived as related to the dead--anyway--at the time i was tired of my rabbit fur & suede covered precision bass & wanted a longhorn because my favorite band at the time was the youngbloods--i loved the sound of the longhorn that jesse colin young played in that band so i decided i'd get one too--i searched every music store & pawn shop in the bay area with no luck so ine day my girlfriend(our band's singer) & the drummer from our band got in my vw bus & went to los angeles where i finally found this bass at the golden eagle pawn shop down there--cost me $105 & came in a really beat original coffin case which is long gone--i played it a couple years with the flytrap then i moved to berkeley where i spent a few years backing up singer/songwriter type acts there--blackie & parker--the wild turkeys-& pat golubin & a few others---it was in about 1974 or 1975 i think when i had it refinished at subway guitars in berkeley by a guy named "fat dog"-fat dog has since become fairly well known in guitar collector circles--i believe this was one of his 1st custom dano jobs---he put a curly maple top on it from an old jazz guitar & perfling & gave it a nice sunburst finish--only prob was he put the bridge back flush with the end of the guitar which was wrong so i ended up moving the bridge to get it to tune right--you can see the holes by the bridge in the pic--i got married in the late 70's & didn't play much for years aside from an occasional jam with friends then in the late nineties i started up playing again & played it for abvout 4 years in my blues band "simple man" as well as a lot of freelance gigs--most recently i played it in "lokoyokol" here in humboldt county but 2 years ago i bought a 50th anniversary american p bass which i fell in love with so my old dano once more went back into the case---last december i was diagnosed with bladder cancer & had a couple operations & many many dr visits which even with medical insurance put me deep in debt--i'm o.k. now but am flat broke & deep in debt so even though this is killing me listing this i thought maybe it's time to let go of my old friend :-( i know i'm listing it very high but i figure maybe there's some rich collector out there that might be interested & if this sells i'll be debt free once again which would be very cool indeed:-) anyway--i'll consider all offers & will ship free worldwide--i also have about 5-6 more pics--some pics of the back of the neck & pics of the old fender strat case it's been living in since about 1971-case has a few scuffs but is in great shape--drop me an email & i'll send you those pics-also included is the original pickguard & the original bridge & one of the original strap buttons--what else??--oh,yeah--i put a bridge from a reissue on it in about 2000--& it has grover tuners that i put on it in about 1998--it had previously had schallers on it but the grovers are much better--this bass sounds great & stays in tune & plays well--one more thing--after i got it refinished i didn't like the finish on the neck--was kinda sticky thick finish so i removed the finish on the neck & oil finished it with watco danish oil--about 12 coats rubbed out real good between each coat--the neck feels like satin--excellent feel to this neck---oh--also back when i 1st got it a friend tried rewiring it "stereo"--don't know what he did to it exactly but the controls are kinda screwy--basically--the 1st two are volume & tone & the 3rd is tone too but doesn't do much----i had been meaning for years to get someone to rewire it & make the controls volume/volume/tone but i never got around to it--would probably be simple for a guitar tech to fix the controls where they made more sense--sounds awesome anyway the way it is but it would be better if something was at least done with that 3rd pot :-) o.k.--i guess that's about it--oh--the last pic is one i snapped on a couple pics of me playing it at a band practice shortly after i bought it so you can see it before it was refinished :-)as you can see from the pics this baby has many dings & nicks etc from years of play-this is a sweet one of a kind real relic bass & i hope if it does end up selling it will go to someone who will love it as much as i have all these years--almost 40 years!!! Wow--i'm gonna cry if this baby sells!!"

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