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Monday, December 10, 2007

1946 Gibson ES 300

images via this auction

"The ES 300N was a landmark guitar for Gibson. Early in 1946 a very small number were made with several distinctive features. This is one of those few! As a result it is a highly collectable guitar and values are rising fast. It also happens to be an exceptionally nice player’s instrument.

A great Jazz Icon:
The ES 300N was Gibson’s premier model just before WW2 when it was the ultimate BeBop and Dance Band guitar. It was the first Gibson to use the Crown logo on the headstock. When production resumed after the war, the updated version had several specification improvements, particularly the single P90, renown for massive tonal range. For a very short period in 1946, the first few ES 300s were fitted with Kluson tailpieces with a distinctive two f-holes pattern, before moving on to the conventional trapeze tailpiece. As a result these early ’46 instruments are not only very rare (there were probably less than 30 made with the Kluson tailpiece) but also highly collectable and very, very sought after."

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xerceyes said...

I have a beautiful 1946 Gibson ES 300 with amazing wood grain and no defects at all. (Lacquer cracks and scratches on the pickguard) which I believe are normal. The headstock has the crown and the tailpiece is the more rare f-hole type. I would like to know how much it is worth. I have the original case, papers, even extra strings bought in the 40s. How do I get a value and get this in front of people interested in these beauties.