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Saturday, December 8, 2007

1961 Gibson Les Paul TV

images via this auction
"About the instument: First, this is a low production 1961 Double cut Jr., so for those of you who don't know (before the emails start pouring in) These guitars are a little different than those from the three prior years in that they have a blank headstock meaning they do not say "Les Paul" and the do not say "TV Junior", as a matter of fact they are technically an SG at this point. Second, these guitars had pressed in serial numbers not "inked". I have owned many of these guitars and it is very consistant in 1961. If you disagree, please do not bid on this guitar because you do not know what you are buying. That said the guitar is in very good+ shape it has player wear and a ton of character, but no cracks or repairs. Being a 61' it has a slim 61 type neck profile (thin from fingerboard to the back of the neck) the nut width is still the 1 11/16" you would expect from a pre-65 Gibson. Everything on the guitar is 100% original. The serial number is 118**. It is a featherweight weighing in at 6.9LBs. The tuners have never been changed out.The pickup has never been messed with. The pots are 1961 and all soldier joints are factory. The jack plate and knobs are original, The pickguard is the original and I was the first person to ever remove it. The bridge is original as well as the bridge posts. The finish is yellowed and checked in all the right places. There has never been a neck reset, and there are no stress cracks from the bridge post. The guitar black lights perfectly. The pickup absolutely screams at 8.12K on the ohm meter!!! There is heavy wear on the treble side of the neck, maybe from a slide or mc stand(I do not know)."

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