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Thursday, December 27, 2007

1963 Gibson Firebird V

images via this auction

"A little history, this guitar has no serial numer, it was given to Bill Haley and the Comets by Gibson as a promotional guitar, thus the possible reason for no serial number, also there was a headstock repair by Gibson 40 years ago, maybe the serial number was removed during the repair. My friend, Buddy Sharp, was the rhythym guitar and bass player for Bill Haley back in the 60's. The guitar was given to Buddy from Bill Haley, and Buddy has had the guitar eversince. Buddy has passed away, and I purchased it from the family. Buddy didn't recall the circumstances about the serial number, but that is the best information I am able to give to you. The crack has been stable with no problems for the last 40+ years. You can see that it is a very old repair with no movement or seperation, very, very stable, professionally repaired by Gibson. If you check the picture of the back of the headstock, the crack goes through the "D" tuner. Finish has some checking, and the guitar shows some play wear, nothing to serious. There are no cracks on the body, the wings are just fine. The red ink on the Firebird logo on the pickguard has been pretty much all worn off. The case is well worn, and new latches and handle have been installed."

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