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Thursday, December 6, 2007

1964 Vintage Fender Stratocaster

images via this auction

"Sunburst strat with original tortise guard.
Two extra holes have been added to the original guard above the neck pickup, it's a common thing that was done years ago.
All original screws for the pickguard and original screws for the tuners and bridge, plus the original tremolo springs.
Original Kluson tuners are tight and in super shape.
Serial number: L45277
Neck and bridge pickups both dated 11-24-64.
Neck date 20 Oct. 64B.
Volume pot and 2nd tone pot are both dated 137.6428 (28th week of 1964)
Original HSC in great condition.
All three pickup covers, volume and tone knobs and pickup selector switch knob are original and in great condition.
Original tremolo bar.
Original bridge.
Original input jack assembly.

Modified years ago and not original to this old beauty;
The middle pickup was replaced with an original looking pickup that's made in the USA and has the same magnets and winding as an original from this era. You can't tell it's not an original pickup by looking at it. It's been aged to match the originals and the magnets and wire are the same as they used then.
The three way pickup selector switch was replaced with a 5-way switch.
The middle tone potentiometer was replaced with a 5-way rotary switch that offers an unbelievable selection of sounds!
There's an extra hole is in the back of the body below the neck plate where a strap button once was.
There are two small holes are in the headstock where two additional string trees were added. Like I said this guitar was played, a really has a great vibe and sound to it.
A little bit of wood is missing from the inside edge of the neck pickup routing. This can't be seen with the pick guard on and in no way affects anything, please see the pictures.
Extra holes in the back of the headstock where replacement tuners once were at. These are almost completely covered by the original Kluson tuners and are hard to notice."

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