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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

1968 Gibson ES 355 TDCSV

images via this auction

"As an original Kalamazoo Gibson employee for more than 20 years, he acquired this guitar fresh off the line from Gibson sometime in late 1968/early 1969. Before the guitar was taken out of the shop, the owner replaced the ABR-1 Bridge with a Nashville bridge. I consider this factory original, as he was an employee of Gibson at the time of this enhancement.

The owner also pointed out that the year after this guitar was made, the less-desirable and less-successful walnut models became the norm for most of Gibson's ES models. Just recently, a 1968 Gibson ES 335 sold on ebay with a less-desirable trapeze tailpiece in nowhere near as good of condition as this guitar for $4750. This guitar is two levels of an upgrade (335, 345, 355) from the 335 and is also infinitely more rare with far less of these produced than the 335.

The guitar has an ebony fingerboard, mother of pearl block inlays, and has an equally impressive original hardshell case. The case itself is in impeccable condition, with only a couple scrapes that don't penetrate the tolex to the wood. The serial number is 966363, which correctly dates this guitar as a 1968."

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