NOTE: These are not our guitars; just saving the images for history and showcasing what's out there.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

El Degas SG

images via this auction. Listed at $666,666.00

"This is an early 1970's MIJ El Degas SG copy guitar.

El Degas guitars were copies of classic American guitars made in JAPAN, they were imported by Buegeleisen & Jacobson of New York. Very similar to Ibanez stuff of the same vintage."


506barry said...

why,so expensive

jeff said...

I would like to know this myself. I have the same exact guitar . For that price I just may be willing to part with it . Ha! Seriously what can I get for it.

Trisha said...

I have a El Degas MIJ sg for sale if anyone is inteested.It has a good sound,case,and looks great.Taking offers,I am in the Phonex,AZ area,please call Robert at 480-593-8585.

taryn said...

I have the exact same one as well. Not in the same condition as that one, but I would be willing to part with it as well for even an eighth of that list price!!!