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Monday, December 3, 2007

Epiphone Emperor Cutaway

images via this auction

"late 40's - early 50's Epiphone Emperor Cutaway, in natural finish. This is a serious guitar for the collector or concert jazz performer. Vintage-excellent condition overall with very clean original Lifton/Geib case.

This archtop has had a genuine vintage Gibson Johnny Smith pickup added at the neck. Pro installation was a beautiful job, with a matching tortoise volume knob, tone 'wheel' mounted under the guard, and full size quarter inch jack tucked neatly under the pickuguard. Works perfectly and sounds awesome....this Epi is equal to or superior in tone and playability to any Johnny Smith I have ever played. This guitar has a very woody acoustic tone, unplugged and when plugged in........controls all work flawlessly.

Neck is straight....plays well over the whole neck.....light fret wear......chunkier style neck but not too fat. Seven piece neck has great flame and a little birdseye effect. Original Epiphone logo tuners.....deluxe abalone and pearl inlays serious wear marks anywhere. Guitar plays fine as is....get a pro setup and fret level and put the action anywhere you want......awesome player.

Top has tight grain spruce, hand-carved.....light checking here and there but really not too much of it.....binding is in good shape (a few binding shrinkage cracks on side of neck, shown in detail pic 10...this is stable and needs no work at this time).

Everything looks original except possibly the bridge wheels and maybe the bridge itself....uncertain but it looks old and is a good fit.

Frequensator tailpiece is in good shape with some gold wear. Original pickguard has a couple extra is pro-plugged. Guard is otherwise in good shape with really nice detail work completed when the JS pickup was mounted.

Added strap button on rim...pic 9. Extra hole (filled) above strap pin is also visible in pic 9. Also evidence of a strap button at one time on the heel - pic 11. These are the only noteworthy changes....everything else shows evidence of having survived the decades in close-to-original fashion.

Back of the guitar is very clean with strong serious wear marks to mention. Beautiful craftsmanship.

Case is very clean, showing very light edge wear. One loose clasp but all the parts are present and there is no damage. Case is strikingly clean and is either a Geib, Lifton, or Stone original case."

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