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Monday, January 14, 2008

1965 Fender Stratocaster

images via this auction

"Vintage 1965 Strat This is an original (Rare not being a 5 position) and It is wired as it came from the factory. This is a 3 position pickup switch (CRL1452) setup. In its history the circuitry has been played with - see routing damage in body - The body has been refinished to a nice gold yellow (Nitro Stain) The neck is all Original with the tuners it came with - straight as an arrow very low action - The body has been routed out for another pickup. Control knobs are not vintage. The stock pickguard shows these changes. The neck is dated 2 Oct 65. The Neck plate is stamped F with 101XXX the last 3 digits I will not release # only to the new owner. The pickups are dated with 11-29-65 -MZ- initials. The controls 304-6532 -R1377944 -137-6510. The reason for the tape on the body is the previous owner scratched his name in the area and can be sanded out."

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