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Thursday, January 31, 2008


images via this auction

Auction details (note this nor any other guitar listed on this site is mine - I'm only posting this stuff so it does not get lost forever):
"1968 Rickenbacker 360-12 O.S., or “Old-Style” electric 12-string guitar. According to the “RICKENBACKER” book, by Richard R. Smith, there are records of only ONE 360-12 O.S. “old-style” twelve-string having been manufactured in Fireglo in 1968 (see photos)! I’ll say it again: one. Yeah, I’ve heard the stories: Rickenbacker’s records are incomplete and there’s a guy in east-overshoe who has one made in ’68 that’s dead-mint, and it was ordered with four pickups…I’ve heard the stories (like the White Buffalo…), but I’ve never seen one For Sale!

Here’s your chance, people. This auction will only go up once; if it doesn’t sell this time around, it will not be re-listed! These are the instructions from the owner, and they will be followed as per his wishes. Here are the all-important particulars:

The serial #: HL1725 (December, 1968-could this be the last one?). No modifications or repairs have been made to this instrument. There is the wear shown in the photos. A crack on the back of the headstock has been shown to a well-known Northeast luthier and (according to him) does not appear to be more than superficial (does not appear on the front-side of the headstock). Neck is straight and stable (no twists or warps), with no “lifting” as some Ricks of this age are prone to. Bridge is in the middle-range of adjustment, with “down” motion available; completely playable. The Harness is totally original, as is the hardware on the guitar (pickups, tailpiece, bridge, pickguards, etc.).

This details concerning this guitar were forwarded to Gruhn Guitars of Nashville, and their documents of appraisal will be included to the new owner of the instrument. Upon request to active bidders, further details of the Gruhn appraisal may be made available.

What you should know, is that this Rick 12-string sounds surprisingly better (jangly-er, with mids at the same time…) than any I have in my personal collection (two ’65 360-12s & one 360-12 V64), and if I could afford it (I tried-I can’t), it would NEVER leave my bedroom (where it’s been for the last few months…)"

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