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Monday, February 4, 2008

1961 ES 355

images via this auction

"1961 ES -355 TD MONO in original Cherry finish. Serial number 18514 on both it's orange label and stamped on the rear of the headstock. This is one of 117 made for 1961 and is more desirable than either an ES 345 TD or ES 355 TDSV, (Stereo), because Mono ES-355's are virtually an ES-335 TDC with Gold Hardware and an Ebony fingerboard fitted to a slightly narrower neck than an ES-335 TD. This particular one has all of the 1960 features such as Grover Rotomatics instead of Kluson's, a Bigsby instead of the Gibson Lyre Vibrato, and most probably may of originally came with a long pickguard which is no longer on the guitar. This RARER and more desirable MONO model that lacks the Stereo feature, Varitone, and chokes that a ES 345 TD or ES 355 TDSV Stereo have making them heavier, out of phase, etc..."

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