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Thursday, March 13, 2008


via this auction

"In 1961, there were 513 Les Paul Customs shipped out from the Gibson factory. Then in 1962, only 298 were shipped out. Then in 1963, there was only 264 shipped out. During 1963, they changed the Les Paul Custom to the SG Custom. The shipping records only have a total of both models for 1963. That means, there may be around 132 or less of these Les Paul Customs shipped that year. From what I've seen, the ones that are still in exsistance are in very used or poor shape. The 1962 Catalogue shows this model, but the 1963 catalogue doesn't. It shows the SG Custom with Maestro/Lyre vibrola. Makes me think this guitar could have a lot of 61-62 parts installed from the factory."

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