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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

1964 Vintage Rickenbacker 625 12 String

images via this auction

In December of 1963 Rickenbacker made it’s first three electric 12 strings, two 360-12 hollow body electrics and one 625-12 solid body electric. That first 625-12 was later purchased and used by Mike Campbell and eventually pictured on the cover of Tom Petty’s album Damn The Torpedoes. That guitar became a rock and roll icon but unfortunately for those who wanted one like it, there were not any others to be found... or so we thought. We found one, the second one. The guitar we are offering was made in November of 1964 and was the only 625-12 solid body electric made that year. This is the second 625-12 solid body electric twelve string guitar Rickenbacker manufactured. There are only two known examples of the original 625-12 prototypes made, Mike Campbell’s guitar and this one.

The hand written designation underneath the original finish under the guard is "625-12-P," obviously the model number and we believe the "P" to indicate prototype. The serial number of this incredibly rare instrument is DK 695 indicating November 1964, probably made for next years trade show in January or possibly as a special order, but if the "P" indicates prototype, the trade show theory makes the most sense. The all original electronics and solder joints are unmolested, the original pots are stamped with codes of 1376438 and 1376437, they correspond to the appropriate date and are also original to the instrument."

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