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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vintage 1955 Gretsch Country Club Guitar Set

via this auction

"Here is a VERY CLEAN and all stock Vintage 1955 Gretsch Country Club Guitar Set with Matching tweed amp & case. Finish is amazing, look at body, This is CLEAN and unplayed. - I wont go on about how impossible these are to find - This CADILLAC GREEN COUNTRY CLUB has the 13,000 series serial number and has a great orig. label and a clear legible S/N dating it to 1955. -------- This is Cleaner than any Green CC I have ever seen in my life! -- And this old clean amazing guitar is 53 years old. It Looks like it was made yesterday -- This 1955 Has one of the rare pickguards that mounts to side of neck which is STOCK FOR GRETSCH on this extremely early FIRST YEAR Country Club Model. It makes sense that they mounted the guard on the side of the neck so top of guitar would vibrate more without the screws. Even the gold original 1955 Gretsch side mount guard bracket and correct screw is here. The 55 pickguard bracket shows some age and it is original. Guitar is complete, A rare 1955 Caddy GREEN 17” super clean Vintage Gretsch- Tweed case, AND THE CASE IS LITEREALLY LOADED WITH TONS OF STUFF. like lod vintage 50s leather strap with padded leather shoulder rest, a 50s capo, a 50s polishing cloth, vintage gibson strings, A rare fender string BOX, even a Round Gretsch string box loaded, Even some DAngelico strings, wow wow and 2 pickguards included, and the GRETSCH round string case is Loaded full of 6 new perfect 1955 actual guitar strings, Heck you could re-string This vintage ax with REAL actual 50s Gretsch STRINGS that are included!! ----- ------------------------------ And wow she plays like crazy! Those DArmonds really scream! Nice amp too!! see pics. Amp is included and has a nice punch to it for its size. --- This old Green Country Club has the very very rare Blank Knobs in Gold, MADE FOR ONE YEAR only before players suggested Gretsch needed an arror on knob to know volume position --- This guitar is really outstanding - Also has the Infamous mid 50s Bullet truss cover. The Grover Imperial-esque tuners are rare stock waffleback Grovers that Gretsch uses on a very very limited number of 53/54 Gretsch. Neck may have had a clear coat over it at some point, I cant say for sure. Frets look great and have lotsa life left. -- a real wonderful instrument. - I removed the guard to show finish, it comes with (2) two guards actually, see pics, both included - I installed the brackets for photos. - Don't miss a chance to own this Great old Gretsch"

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