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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1959 Fender Stratocaster

images via this auction

CLIP 1: That Stevie-Ray Tone!

Current Pickup Configuration (Could easily be changed to back to the traditional way)
Knob 1: Master Volume of everything
Knob 2: middle pickup volume – dial in or out or anywhere in-between
Knob 3: Master Tone
3 position switch
Neck Position – Neck + Middle
Middle Position – Neck + Middle + Bridge
Bridge Position – Bridge + Middle

CLIP 2: Neck+Middle Variations

When you have it in Neck or Bridge position, you can use the middle volume to dial the middle pickup in, out, or anywhere in between. So you can get all the sounds that you can from a 5-position switch, plus you have the ability to use an infinite number of in-between sounds where the middle pickup is controlled by the middle volume. In this clip I illustrate the neck position. I gradually dial the middle pickup in and out to illustrate the various tonal possibilities.

CLIP 3: Bridge+Middle Variations

In this clip I do the same illustration for the bridge position – dialing the middle pickup in and out.

CLIP 4: Middle Position Illustrated (Neck + Bridge)

In this clip I illustrate how you can get a Telecaster tone by using the middle position and dialing the middle pickup all the way out. The second half has just the neck pickup without the middle.

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