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Saturday, February 21, 2009

1933 Larson Bros. Stahl Style 7 Guitar

via this auction
"Guitar's lower bout measures 13 1/2" across, and the string scale is 25". Nut width is a comfortable 1 7/8". Like all of Larson's high end instruments, the top of this guitar is X braced, and is gently radiused, giving a very striking tone, that is quite unlike a Martin. I would almost describe the guitar as having some strange blend of lazy and nervous, as the notes really 'pop', with a lively, yet incredibly rich timbre. Volume and strength is instant, requiring very little effort. Of course, the impeccable Brazilian back and sides will have much to do with the bell like tone. Everything rings as it should, with a full, lush sound throughout the entire range, and a great distinction between various right hand pick positions and techniques. The guitar is incredibly introverted and brooding when played obliquely over the sound hole, and wonderfully plucky and bright when played tip-flat near the bridge.

There is almost no discernible distortion, dips or bulging on this instrument, the top is remarkably unchanged from it's original shape. Neck is straight and easy, original frets are fresh, and have recently been dressed. I believe the instrument hasn't been played very much, the original lacquer shows a typical 'alligator-skin' type of fine check, but the guitar is otherwise largely free of play-wear, or other signs of handling. Recently inspected and set up by a very skilled luthier, this instrument is ready to play and cherish. Action at the 12th fret is quite low, and intonation is perfect."

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