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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1946 Gibson L-5 Blonde

via this auction
"Vintage 1946 Gibson L-5 guitar in natural blonde finish. It's an early post-war L-5 w/the cool old style script Gibson logo in the peghead and the old style ebony fingerboard. Gibson switched to rosewood soon after this guitar was made due to wartime ebony shortages. There's attractive checking to the finish all over and the guitar has mellowed to a lovely amber color. The wood selection is incredible as you can see. The flame maple on the neck and sides is like a barber pole and the back is that gorgeous quilted/burled maple that Gibson saved for their best natural finish guitars. If you're reading this I probably don't have to tell you that blonde Gibson's [or blonde guitars by just about any other maker as well] are much rarer and more desireable than sunburst... This is original and of course is not the typical big Made In USA stamp one sees on Gibsons from the 70's on."

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