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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


via this auction
"All Orig but OVERSPRAYED In Nitro Olympic White nitro 35+ Years Ago, OVER the Original Olympic White Rare Color. ALSO RARE Is the Turle Shell Pickguard. The very 1st Picture is Actual Color. Some look White White (Because of flash), the Color is Off White Creamish OLD L@@KiNG Color
Under the Pickguard, Inside Output Jack, Inside back Tremolo, Neck Pocket is Real Deal Orig Finish. It was Re Shot Over the Original color to clean it up. Remember this the the Thing back then. Old Beat up was not Cool. (It was to me way BEFORE SRV)
it has a old 5 way, Orig 3 way included. As with Trem Arm, Strap, And Gold Lined Brown 1961 Case.
The Neck date is 11/61
Inside pen date in neck pocket is 9-61
Pot dates are 7th week 1962
Neck Plate is 77536. Now Fender had neck plate dates in 1961 till 77754. You can call this a 1962 Strat if you want. It has Gold Liner in case, Fender went to Orange inside in 62. Now before you ALL freak. I have seen pen date in neck pocket on PRE CBS. Look inside control cavity in pictures. You see a 5 in there, with a little overspray over it. Look at color of Blue pen, it matches the color in neck pocket. INSIDE ios ORIGINAL Finish. Look at the hair of worm route in Bridge Pickup cavity? In NO Way can you strip the orig finish off and have them hairs!"

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