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Sunday, September 20, 2009


via this auction
"This started life as a 2002 Gibson Murphy aged 57 reissue, extracted from the 3600 foot level of the I ME mine here on Guitar Island. Much work has been done by the finest luthiers at the Guitar island Arsenal and Foundry to recreate an almost real 1957. All electronics and hardware was changed to 57 parts. The only parts that are not 57 are the wood, the pickguard(1968), the neck pickup cover, back covers, and the factory aged kluson tuners( a working guitar must stay in tune). This not for the collector, and not for the squeemishly liberal. This guitar was built to be played and entertain the proletariat and elitist alike, and to be wielded by a professional musician that desires the very best. This guitar was a mainstay in Queen AnnMarie's band-FULL PLATE, seen here in the studio putting the final tracks on her albums, Temporary Restraining Order and Dancing for Dollars. Princess Taylor, escorted by Guitar island sand lizards blessed the guitar by the grace of Poseidon."

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