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Monday, October 12, 2009

Vintage 1959 / 1960 Gibson ES-335

via these auctions
"1959/ 1960; Serial # A32999 (cool # too!) THE RAREST AND MOST SOUGHT AFTER 335 and the best sounding PAF guitar ever built.

Special note: Have you seen how many old Les Pauls listed compared to PAF 335's??? TRUCK LOADS, overpriced and nothing is selling! In fact if I hadn't put mine up there would be ZERO 335's!!! Do you understand how rare these are Duh! Not to mention 335's blow the doors off LP's in every direction. HELLO, ANYBODY HOME?

THE STORY: This is the best sounding 335 on the planet. Bar none! I've owned this guitar for 20 years and for a vintage dealer you know it has to be an animal; otherwise it would have gone by the way side long ago. Because of the high serial # it must be a very late '59 or early '60 production since it incorporates the 1959 style neck, long guard, and gold knobs. Clapton was interested in buying this very guitar a couple years ago in LA while performing at the "House of Blues" w the Crickets but even with Lee (his tech) salivating over it they were reciprocating to buy a '60 (twin to this) from GC due to their windfall profit on "Blackie" and the cherry 335."

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