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Thursday, February 18, 2010

1959 GIBSON ES 175-D

via this auction
"1959 Gibson ES-175 D. This near mint all original example's serial number is A 31786 stamped on both it's original orange label and on the rear of the original hangtag. She was 1 of 324 made for 1959 with long magnet,(north pointing), PATENT APPLIED FOR pickups with nickle covers, the same as a Les Paul STD or ES-335 TD.

D model ES-175's with 2 PAF's are few and far between, just check ebay and you will see that almost all of the 1957 to 1960's that are available are the single Pickup model, (ES 175).

The PAF's read an astounding 8.4 K ohms and 8.9K ohms. They have never had the original covers removed, or even been out of the surrounds, and they have near perfect stickers. We value a virgin dead mint pair of Nickle PAFs at $10,000 +.

The original sunburst finish is exceptionally strong and not faded..."

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