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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gibson Les Paul 1957 Goldtop

via this auction
"1952/1957 Mirabella Conversion Les Paul 57 GT: This is Mirabella conversion started life as an all gold 1952 Les Paul with P90’s and a terribly beat up finish we could not save. The 57’ modifications include a reset neck to 57’ angle and specs, refret to wider frets, plugging the P90 PUP holes and re-routing them to PAF Humbucker specs, addition of a stop bar, a Tune O Matic, complete refinish to 57’ paint specs and the gold color is a perfect match. All work was done by Mirabella Guitars and Restorations. Anyone in the “Biz” knows the top two conversion luthiers were Chris Mirabella and Terry Mueller…and I say “were” because neither of them are doing conversions any longer. THIS IS ONE OF THE LAST MIRABELLA CONVERSIONS ON THE PLANET."

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