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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fodera Monarch Deluxe 4 String

via this auction
"You are looking at a very important historical piece of Electric Bass Guitar history. All original 4 String Fodera Monarch Deluxe Serial Number 30!!!! As we all know Victor Wooten's #1 bass which he got when he was 16 from Joey and Vinny is Serial Number 37. This bass was originally made for Will Lee in 1983. He played it for a short time with a few TV performances on the Letterman show. I picked the bass up in '05 from a gentleman in Long Island, NY. Later that year, Victor Wooten used this bass on June 22, 2005 at the Beacon Theater for the 'Seven Steps to Jaco' tribute. Also, this bass was used on the upcoming Bendy Pastorius Group - debut release.

Playing wise this particular instrument is as good as it gets. From the feel of the vintage oil finish to the unprecedented shaping of Vinny Fodera's neck, playing this bass is effortless and unsurpassed. The pickup spacing is a unique blend between a vintage 60's and 70's jazz bass position giving the bass the fatness of a 60's jazz while retaining the tightness of a 70's jazz. Whether you're into Jaco , Marcus, Victor or looking for your own personal tone…. Look out!!!

This instrument is a terrific investment and an even more appropriate player.

34" Scale
3-piece Hard Maple Neck
East Indian Rosewood Fingerboard with tulip inlays on 12th/24th frets.
Wooden Butterfly
Curly Ash Body with East Indian Rosewood Lines
Chrome Hardware
Original HAZ circuitry
EMG JJ Pickups"

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