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Thursday, April 29, 2010

1960 Fender Esquire Custom Telecaster

via this auction
"This is a 100% original 1960 Fender Esquire Custom in Vintage Sunburst finish. Very Rare double bound custom model. She's knotty (not naughty) as she as a small knot on the back neck headstock area and one just under the scratch/dent in the front body (as seen in the photos). This guitar is in very good condition and has never been broken or repaired. The original sunburst finish is very good with finish checking throughout. This guitar is very lightweight as well weighing in at only 7 lbs 3 oz. Excellent 1960 Fender neck which is super straight, smooth, fast and comfortable and has play wear that has worn through the finish. It has an awesome looking greenish multi-ply pickguard (green guard). The original frets are still very playable. It has a BEAUTIFUL lighter colored streaked Brazilian Fretboard that is in great condition. Clay dot fretboard markers. There is a little bit of rust on some of the hardware. It still has the original music store sticker on the back headstock. All original everything (tuners, pickup, green pickguard, wiring, finish, etc...). It has a three inch scratch or dent on the front body as well as a few others small dents, dings, play wear and some buckle rash but overall this is a very clean vintage guitar.

A unique and rare feature on this guitar is the serial number has been stamped on the bottom of the neck plate. I have not taken the neck off as it is set up so good now I did not want to mess with it. I also have not taken the pickugard off for fear of not being able to get it back on as it has some slight lifting. This guitar needs nothing but to plug-in and play. It plays and sounds fantastic and has that very sought after authentic vintage tele twang. Comes with original Fender hard shell case that is very good condition both inside and out. This is just an outstanding example of a Fender Esquire Custom from 1960. This is an excellent guitar for the player or collector."

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