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Monday, June 7, 2010


via these auctions

"mid-1950's Mosrite Special double neck electric guitar. This guitar is, without a doubt, a one-of-a-kind special ordered hand-made instrument, and one of Semie Moseley's early production guitars. While very similar to the first and most famous Joe Maphis Mosrite, this example appears to feature more enhanced binding patterns, and probably required more time, which would have resultantly made it more expensive. For those who are familiar with Mosrite and Southern California guitar making history, you will be able to grasp how incredibly important this guitar is with respect to Mosrite, Bigsby, Carvin, and Rickenbacker legend.

This guitar features: 2 necks: a 14" scale length maple neck, and a 23.25" scale length maple neck, Brazilian rosewood fingerboards with numerous diamond inlays, a 2.75" maple body(from top binding to back binding, not including the protrusion of the carved back and top,) 3 Carvin pickups, original pickguard and arm rest floral and music note design pattern, original Kluson tuning machines, an added Bigsby vibrato, and original tailpiece for the 14" scale neck, original truss rod covers, original strap pins, and the original brown alligator case."

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