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Monday, June 7, 2010

Vintage Stromberg G-1 guitar Gibson Epi D'Angelico

via this auction
"Acoustically the guitar is LOUD and strident sounding, as any good orchestral guitar should be, think Count Basie/Freddie Green. The neck is very comfortable to play. The instrument is all original with the exception of the tuners having been replaced with Grover Sta-tites and a DeArmond pickup . There are no extra holes or reaming for the replaced tuners the "footprint" as they say is the same. Five of the original Grover open back tuners are also included. 17 3/8" wide x 3 3/8" deep body open F holes, paralell braced carved spruce top maple back and sides maple neck with ebony finger board. Beautiful tobacco sunburst finish. These fine hand made Stromberg guitars are extremely rare and desirable instruments and rarely come up for sale. When one thinks vintage hand made archtop jazz guitar Stromberg and D'Angelico are the first to come to mind. No repairs ever nor does it need any now. The original hardshell case is included, quite worn but still very solid. Serial # in the 500's from Strombergs later post WW-II period generally considered the most desirable."

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