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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1956 Stratocaster vintage Fender Strat Prototype

via this auction
"genuine 1956 Stratocaster, which is a possible prototype with "one of a kind" features and markings. This guitar has an original neck, body, and pickguard (no case, already sold). The other parts to this guitar may be original but I am unsure, and will therefore not list as original. This has a route under the pickguard which goes all the way through the body to the spring cavity, this cavity has also been filled in areas with a very old bondo type material (not sure why). Also this has been drilled half a dozen times all the way through the body. This is not a pristine collectors piece by any means, I believe though that this guitar might have some historical significance. From what i've read many design revisions were continuously being tested in this period. The interesting thing about this guitar is a pair of circular routes which are horizontal to the body inside the trem cavity where the block is (see pic). This looks like it was used for a pivoting trem block. I've never seen this done on a strat, or any guitar for that matter, but it definitely makes sense as this would make the bridge truly floating, and not tied to 6 screws. Another one of a kind item apparent on this guitar is a completely bound neck And headstock all the way around the perimeter of the headstock. The binding material is maple, and not something i've ever encountered before a strat or any other guitar.. and it's extremely well done and exact. The decal is on top of the maple binding as well as the surrounding wood, indicating that this was done prior to finish and decal work. The neck is extremely narrow from top to bottom and front to back (1 1/2" nut width). This also features what appears to be a narrower hand ground trem claw (see pics). Now, the REALLY interesting thing is that besides having a 1956 pencil date on the heel, it also has the name Leo on the bottom, both appear to be under the lacquer and very old. I have no idea who made this but it is quite possible that this was an experimental guitar. I cannot prove any of this except to say that I purchased this from a seller many years ago from California, and i've never seen a guitar with any of these modifications or pencil markings."

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