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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vintage 1951 Fender Precision Bass Jethro Tull

via this auction
"vintage 1951 Fender P-Bass for... Glenn Cornick who played bass for the amazing Jethro Tull on the first three records...The best ones! Glenn is fastidious in his concern about an instrument's playability and this bass leaves nothing to be desired as far as a true vintage guitar might deliver. This one has been around the block...refinished...rewound...reworked. Glenn has owned this bass for right around thirty years (as the crow flies) and is well acquainted with what has been done to it. She has a Lindy Fralin rewound pickup. Neck and body refinished years ago in the most perfect order...numbers are visible. Minor nicks here and there...just regular play wear throughout. The worst being a patch about the size of a quarter on the bass bout from being moved about in the case that doesn't detract from the vintage look. Original pickguard...mostly original hardware..."

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