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Monday, April 11, 2011

1960 Vintage Fender Telecaster

via this auction

"Original parts include: Body, neck, tuners, frets, pickups, pick guard, bridge, saddles, neck plate, control plate, pots, tone caps, switch, jack, wires, knobs, strap buttons, ash tray, and literally every single screw on the guitar is original, including the special #5 screws for the control plate, and the not fully threaded neck plate screws. As mentioned the front and back of the body have been professionally refinished by Fiesta Finishes™ in Berkeley, CA in period correct, nitro lacquer, with the "faded red" 3 tone Sunburst. The red in the early 3 tone sunbursts tended to fade almost completely away such that they looked similar to a two tone."

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