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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vintage 1933 National Tricone Style 4 - Rare Round Neck

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Nickel plated brass body and German silver cover plate. Chrysanthemum engraving, diamond shaped fingerboard inlays, celluloid peg-head.

German silver body (solid nickel alloy with nickel plating), three or "tri" resonator cones with two cones on the bass side, one cone on the treble side, T-shaped bridge cover and handrest, grid pattern soundholes on upper body Spanish roundneck style, 12 frets clear of the body, flat fingerboard radius, mahogany neck, bound single layer ebony fingerboard, slotted peg-head.


This is a copy of an email I received about this guitar after requesting information.

Hi Hutch, Unfortunately there isn't a lot of info out there and a lot of what is out there isn't quite right. I've been playing, buying, selling and restoring Nationals since the mid 70's and can probably answer any questions you have. That guitar was the very top of the line National and costs $200 new at a time when you could get a Gibson or Martin for 50 bucks. Because they were so expensive not many were made. Through years of research by myself and other national fanatics, we can only account for about 23 round neck styles 4's ever being produced. Each one was engraved by hand by a man known only as Mr. Williams. National made four tricone models. The style 1 was plain unengraved and sold for $65. It was the biggest seller with around 1500 made. Style two had a fairly simple Rose engraving, Style 3 had a Lily Of The Valley engraving and Style 4 was the trophy guitar. As I said before, since yours is one of the brass bodied guitars, it really is the best, having the best sound and most elaborate details.

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via this auction

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